Privacy Policy

1) Purpose and scope of information collection

  • When you contact and access to search and use the services that we provide, we will ask customers to provide some personal information, including: Full name, Mail, contact phone number , address … The personal information collected will only be used within the company.
  • We do not sell, share or exchange the personal information of customers collected on the website to any other third party.
  • The above information will be used for one or all of the following purposes: Notification of delivery and customer support. Provide information related to the product. Processing orders and providing services and information through our website at the request of customers. In addition, we will use customer information to support and answer customer questions about product.
  • In addition to the above purposes, we undertake not to use the information provided by customers for other purposes.

2) Scope of using information

Customer information will be used for the following activities:

  • Notice of delivery and customer support
  • Send emails introducing new products and attractive promotions that we want to send to customers.
  • Support for our customer support service activities.
  • Solving problems and disputes arising from the use of the website.
  • Prevent activities that violate Vietnamese law.

3) Time of Information storage 

  • We will store personal information provided by customers on our internal systems.
  • During the process of providing services to customers or until the purpose of collection is completed, or when Customer requests to cancel the information provided.

4) Address of the section of collecting and managing personal information

  • Address: Minh Cưong – Thuong Tin – Hanoi
  • Tax code: 0109128914
  • Email:

5) Means and tools for users to access and edit their personal data

  • Customers call directly to the hotline +84 988 698 909 in order to our customer care staff support to change personal information.

6) Commitment to protecting customers’ personal information

  • We are committed to not selling, exchanging or sharing customers’ personal information to any other third party, ensuring the best interests of our customers.
  • In the following cases, we will exchange personal information of customers, including: At the request of a government agency or when we believe it is necessary and appropriate to Compliance with legal requirements.
  • In the remaining cases, we will give customers specific notice when disclosing information to a third party and this information is provided only with the consent of the customer.